Hydrostatic Test Stand, Mobile

  • Hydrostatic Test Stand, Mobile


  • Hydrostatic Test Stand, Mobile

    9901HTP in truck bed

  • Hydrostatic Test Stand, Mobile

    Hydrostatic Test Adapters

The tester is designed for use with water but can also utilize MIL-H-5606 and MIL-H- 83282 hydraulic fluids as well as P-D-680 solvent if desired as well as other petroleum based oils. The unit is supplied with test adapters for use with both flared and flareless fittings in sizes from -3 to -16. (3/16" to 1") and also NPT test adapters in sizes 1/8 to 1”, which are conveniently stored on integral stainless shelves inside the test chamber. A 5.5 gallon stainless steel reservoir is also included. The standard test chamber working area is approximately 24” x 24” x 15”. The test chamber is manufactured in 12 Gauge stainless steel and utilizes a 1/2” thick clear polycarbonate door with gas springs for easy opening. The unit is provided with four stainless carry handles, front facing drain ports, rear vented test chamber and a factory set air relief valve to protect the test system from over-pressurization. A 1% full scale accuracy analog gauge with quick disconnect is provided for hydraulic pressure readings. 1/4% digital gauge also available. The digital gauge has a maximum pressure feature which captures peak readings during test in case of test item failure.

  • Maximum Fluid Discharge Pressure: Standard 10,000 psi (Also available 2300, 3600, 6300 and 15,000 psi) Maximum Inlet Air Requirements: 8 cfm at 100 psi. Test Fluid: Typically potable water or MIL-H-5606, MIL-H-83282 hydraulic fluids, P-D-680 solvent, and most other petroleum based fluids. Other fluids upon request. Precision regulator: Allows precise control of hydrostatic pressure at both high and low pressures.
  • Dimensions: 44" x24.5" x 22" high
  • Net Weight: 193 lbs (88 kg)